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Tselinniki avenue

Soviet Tselinograd - Tselinniki avenue - Советский Целиноград - Проспект Целинников.jpg Soviet Tselinograd - Tselinniki avenue - Советский Целиноград - Проспект Целинников.jpg С Новым  Годом !  1970ThumbnailsMarch 8 * 1979

Tselinniki avenue

        All the history of the city is penetrated with virgin soil epopee. So it is not surprising that the central avenue (present Republic Avenue) was devoted to workers in the virgin lands (tselinniki).

        Before becoming Tselinniki Avenue it was a very little and not popular Pushkin street It was a side-street built over with two-storeyed houses without any facilities. Pushkin street started its development after the 25" anniversary of virgin lands reclamation when the city-dwellers asked the Administration to keep worth memory of themselves and their epoch-making labour. Thus, due to the decision of the Executive Committee of City Council of Deputies, appeared Tselinniki Avenue. And the territory of Pushkin Street, starting from Revolutionary str. and up to Lenin str.. became known as Tselinniki Square This event occurred on February 27,1979.

        Since 1979 till 1997 the entry to Tselinograd was decorated with the tractor K-700, symbolizing labour glory of workers in the virgin lands, and the inscription on the pedestal “People upturned virgin soil, and virgin soil raised people" remained for a long time in the memory of Tselinograd dwellers. Curiously, but the tractor's engine started immediately after a minute repair.

        Today the Republic Avenue, having received such a name in autumn 1997. is considered to be the original visiting card of the right bank.